Stay away from the pantry… I repeat, stay away from the pantry.

There are lots of reasons that people tend to snack, and usually it is not because you are hungry! It is typically done because you are bored. I can also make the assumption that most of us are not grabbing for an apple. The best way to not stick your paws in the chip bag is to keep your hands busy. There are varieties of different things you can be doing instead of mindless snacking.

You can read a book! Who would want Cheetos snack dust all over the pages? Embarrassing!


You can learn to knit. Knitting can be done while watching TV and you can even score a sweet blanket or scarf at the end of each project you finish!


Painting is always fun. Be artistic and create something never done before!


Ladies (and even some Gents) can paint their nails. Wet paint on your nails will discourage you from touching anything that will destroy your newly finished manicure!


Take a warm bath. It soothing and may help with stress relief at the end of the day if you tend to be stress eater.


Write in a journal. You can keep notes in your food journal or even your personal journal with entries that include your mood, cravings, and ways you have beat them. Fill it with encouraging words that may help you the next time you feel like snacking.


Go for a walk outside. A nice stroll down the street or around the block will get your body moving farther from temptation.


Sewing can be a fun way to create new items for the home or yourself. Make new pillow shams, a cute dress for your new bod, or even an apron to use in the kitchen while you make all your new HCG recipes.



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